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Q. Should I opt for a dummy school for my child or should I go for normal schooling?

-A concerned parent

(*The child was in CBSE board here)

Ans. A dummy school is an option that all parents think about at one time or other when the child isn’t able to cope up with tuition, coaching classes and school work. Here we need to understand that is the child in need of a dummy school and whether a ┬ádummy school would improve his/her performance ? A child may be lacking in studies due to undue stress and not be having a problem of time at all. A dummy school is a option but a child will miss out on all the fun that he/she will be having in school. After going to college maybe they will realize that they missed out the school life. So actually this decision has to be seen from all angles and needs to be weighed before taking any decisions. And it would be different for each individual. In my opinion I would go for school rather than dummy school.