About the Team

No dream is achieved without a team. No task completed without the support of a strong team. Originating Ideas wasn’t built by one or two people. It has been the continuous and consistent efforts of the current team members and those before them.

I was able to make Originating Ideas what it is because of the team that has nurtured it like a child. Without them it would be nowhere.

-Abhin (Co-Founder)


The Founders

Abhin Kakkad


ABHIN KAKKAD – The man behind the idea of Originating Ideas, he aims to make the education system a place where people can enjoy studying instead of just mugging up for examinations. Currently he is pursuing B.Tech. degree in DAIICT along with having the responsibility of taking this initiative to new heights. A jovial person who is great to talk with, he is full of fun filled ideas and a great motivator.He has given several talks on his theory of studying called the “TEC Theory” at various institutions. Also he enjoys writing, reading, coding, oratory and has a knack for making sarcastic jokes. A great guy in marketing, he believes in “WORK BEFORE FUN”. Abhin can be reached on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Savan Doshi


The person who has supported this idea since the beginning and hasn’t given up on it since day one. He started humble journey with his classmate to make Originating Ideas what it is today where it is today. Studying in DAIICT this guy is an Apple fanatic. Currently he manages the HR department of this start-up. A great coder and android developer. He loved listening to songs and taking long solo walks thinking about “God knows what or who”. You can reach Savan on Facebook.



The Core Team


Pranjali Maru



She can be given the award of the most regular and responsible team member. After coming to the team there hasn’t been one deadline that she would have missed. Currently working as a content-writer with us here and is leading the content-writing department of Originating Ideas. Writing is her passion because she believes that it is a self-less hobby. She also loves oratory and is a very good actor. A stickler to her morals and another dedicated music fan. She is training in classical music at the moment along with pursuing B.Tech. at DA-IICT.



Jay Modi



Meet Jay Modi. He is the member of this team since July 2016 and is currently studying at School of Engineering and Applied Science – SEAS (Formerly known as IET). He is a “Happy to Help” kind of person and is always enthusiastic about coding and doing something new and maybe that is why when we approached him for being a part of this team, he didn’t need to think twice. A true Nature Lover. He has a great talent in oratory and is currently spreading our thoughts by having seminars in ‘Gujarati’ language. 





Sanjoli Singh Chauhan an eloquent speaker and a sports enthusiast. She is currently the Marketing Head at Orignating Ideas. She mixes very easily with the people and has the capability of standing out.  She always tries to keep things simple and is a very down-to-earth personality. She believes in staying the present and also believes in the fact that it is Now or Never.




Mit Vasani



Meet our web-developer – M.I.T. (That’s what we call him). He currently is studying in DA-IICT and joined the team a few months back as Technical Head when he came across this idea and immediately took a liking to it. This wonderful website wouldn’t have been possible without his efforts. A truly technical person by heart, he is very good with web-development. His contribution to writing is also truly commendable. He loves reading detective fiction and novels. 






A passionate high school student, black belt, runner, swimmer and singer. She has an adventurous nature. Her motto for life is to become capable to face every challenge and to find her own way for it’s solution. She joined Originating Ideas as the Student Relationships Head.





The Designers


Faizan Madakiya



Most of the designs that you see on our website or Instagram page have been designed by him. Currently pursuing B.Tech. in DA-IICT he Ttook up designing as a hobby and it paved the road ahead for him. He is also a great photographer. Photoshopping is an art and he has made quick strides to be as good as possible. Another music lover in our team, he also loves playing football.



Disha Ravipati



Don’t go by her looks. She seems innocent but isn’t. Being the senior most member of the team, she loves to flaunt that tag. She is a final year student pursuing Chemical Engineering at S.E.A.S. She is an art enthusiast and plans to pursue art as her future. A crazy doodler, who has a knack for coming up with different designs. She designs doodles for peace and fun.






The Writers


Devashish Patel



Another great content writer with us. He is pursuing Mechanical Engineering at S.E.A.S. He is another person on the team who follows his deadlines. He will soon be heading the administrative department of Originating Ideas. He has a great love for sports and plays basketball and table-tennis.






Himol Shah



Himol is a 3rd year ICT Engineering student from S.E.A.S. and is a content writer at Originating Ideas. He is an adventurous and introvert being and likes to help students in non academic issues. Along with academics, he is actively involved in research at S.E.A.S. An avid Quora and Non Fiction fan, his interests include writing, reading, football and music.




Shivam Patel



This guy need no introduction as such. He is the World’s youngest working Mathematician. He knows more coding languages than conversational languages. He is a great writer and blogger. Currently he provides us with great written works for motivating the students and getting our ideas to them. He has represented India in international conferences and has over 12 publications in mathematics, physics and computer science. He loves reading books in philosophy, self help and also novels and the sciences. He has been a speaker at Ted-X talks held by Nirma University and has shared the stage with many well known personalities.