About Originating Ideas


Our Aim:

We are an educational initiative. We dream of a world where students pursue knowledge and not just information. We wish to disrupt!


The Past

It all started in November, 2015. Exams were going on and the two founders (unaware of what they were discussing would turn out into an adventure for them) were sitting in their room cribbing about the educational system that they had been through and how it isn’t helping them any further at this stage in their life. They came down to the conclusion that the problem was in the availability of proper material and that was all. In December, during the winter breaks all of this was going on in their minds and they decided to change it for the coming batches. They decided to make an application where they would have MCQ’s for different subjects and that would help the students. The USP was that the MCQ’s were designed by the team (we were 3 strong then). Now, having passed through the system recently they knew about the type of questions and how to prepare for the competitive examinations.

But there was a catch. When they went for actual testing, they found that majority of the student community wasn’t studying for gaining knowledge but only for “MARKS”. And that’s when it struck them, it wasn’t about the material but the methodology and we changed our paths….


The Present

Come, June 2016 it was all ready and the plan was clear. We needed to  change the way the students thought about education. And what better way than to interact with the students? So we decided to come up with our own website and  started writing about topics that would be helpful to the students. We did speech series and interacted with students in classes and schools. Those were difficult times too!! We were new and inexperienced. All were reluctant to have us. But slowly and surely we have moved pass that stage now. Right now we have addressed over 500+ students through physical medium and over 5000+ through internet mediums.

Currently we are doing speeches in schools and classes of Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. The topics range from like smart studying habits, internet and how it could be beneficial for educating yourself, time management and procrastination. Mainly we like to focus on topics which can help the students achieve their goals in a simple and smart way. The speeches are based on our own experiences and we help the students through what we learnt through our mistakes! The speeches are in English, Gujarati and Hindi so there would be no language barrier.


The Future

We plan to expand to cities like Rajkot, Vadodara, Jamnagar and Surat in the next 6 months. We would also like to expand our online base to all of India so that more and more students can be benefitted from this. We plan to start one-to-one student counselling by bringing together experts, teachers, parents and the students on the same platform. We are currently working on the above project.


Know the team here: http://originatingideas.com/oi/about/about-the-team/